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Footworks Custom Wheels and Auto Accessories is proud to provide the different services available for restoring your car wheels and other automotive parts


Our Services Below:

Tig Welding, Rim Straightening, Cosmetic Repair and Polishing, Custom Wheel Painting/powder coating, Cracked Wheel Repair, Chrome plating and Bead corrosion.

If you are having issues with your wheels please contact us. You can also view our video and photo gallery for more information.

Minimum repairs start at $100.00.


Tig Welding Service:

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, after the tungsten electrode, and the sheath of inert gas (argon or an argon mixture) surrounding it.  It is a process of heating that generates via an arc of electricity jumping from a (tungsten metal) electrode to the metal surfaces you intend to weld - usually aluminum or steel. Its is only one type of welding process among the few choices like MIG, Stick, Oxyacetylene, etc. can be used to weld copper, titanium, even two dissimilar metals, and is handy for making tricky welds (e.g. s-curves, or welds on round things).

Watch the video on tig welding below.

At Footworks Custom Wheels we will fix your cracked wheels using the tig welding process.

Contact us or visit us today @ 6610 Arlington rd. Jacksonville, FL.
call 904-805-8811


Rim Straightening:

Footworks Custom Wheels  repair services will fix your bent and broken alloy, mag, or wire wheels by the use of our machine straightening by an expert technician.

There are different types of straightening processes and  our standard operation is that we apply this process with heat and exact measurements.

Rim Straightening

Contact us or visit us today @ 6610 Arlington rd. Jacksonville, FL. Call 904-805-8811

Repair and Straightening $100.00+ per wheel
Curb Rash and Straightening $125.00+ per wheel


Cosmetic Repair and Polishing:

Footworks Custom Wheels will remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration with our reconditioning tools, proprietary paints and clearcoat process. It's a color-coded process that ensures an identical match with the undamaged wheels. Polished aluminum wheels can also be brought back to new condition.

Mirror Polishing and curb rash removal
13'' to 24'' $100.00+ per wheel



Custom Wheel Painting/Powder Coating:

Footworks Custom Wheels can repaint your wheels white, yellow, red, pink, purple, chrome, gun metal, matte black, etc.  The process can be done upon request and we ensure you of the quality that you desire. We have an excellent wheel  tech to manage and assist you through this process.

Contact us or visit us today @ 6610 Arlington rd. Jacksonville, FL. call 904-805-8811

Custom Wheel Painting/Powder Coating per wheel
up to 17'' per wheel $87.50+
18'',19'',20'' $93.50+
21'',22'',24'' $100.00+
26''-32'' $125.00+

accent pieces add $25.00 per wheel.



Cracked Wheel Repair:

Cracks are fixed with the TIG process to ensure a stronger weld. Cracks are more common on chrome wheels than other finishes because chroming tends to make the metal more brittle. If a wheel is severely bent, the technician checks for cracks underneath the chrome near the base of spokes. Then heat is applied to the wheel this makes the metal conform for the desired repair.

Footworks Custom Wheels has plenty experience in this field. We include it as one of the services we offer to repair cracks and restore strength of the wheel at an affordable price.

Repair crack up to 6'' per wheel $125.00+
Repair crack  6'' or greater $175.00+


Cracked Wheel Repair


Chrome Plating:

Chrome is slang for Chromium, one of the 92 naturally occurring chemical elements. Chrome is a metal, but it is not useful as a solid, pure substance. Things are never made of solid chrome. Rather, when you hear that something is chrome, what is really meant is that there is a thin layer of chrome, a plating of chrome, on the object (the bulk of the object usually being steel, but occasionally aluminum, brass, copper, plastic, or stainless steel).Chrome plating prices per wheel-2pc wheels add 50.00 per wheel.

up to 15'' per wheel $169.00+ EACH
16",17",18'' $189.00+ EACH
19",20'',21'' $285.00+ EACH
22'',24'' $380.00+ EACH

prices subject to change without notice

 Chrome Plating


Bead Corrosion:

This is a widespread problem that affects everyone. Most people believe that they are in need of a new tire but in fact It's bead corrosion. This looks like a whitish substance forming in aluminum magnesium wheels and looks like rust in steel wheels. We offer this service to clean the beads to avoid air leaking from your wheel and tire.

Bead Corrosion price list

13'' to 16'' wheels

17'' to 32''   



Bead Corrosion

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